"The Pagan Herald" is a sophisticated, modern and print-only fanzine dedicated to haunting, nature-inspired and pagan music exclusively. Its primary intention is to support and shape a union of free-thinking and ardent individuals who are dedicated to Nature, myths, history, folklore, questions of belief, mysticism and spiritualism, further consciousness, independence and sincerity and aesthetics in general.

Although being deeply rooted in Metal, (Neo-)Folk, Folklore, Rock, Ritual/ Ambient and so forth find their places as well, since Pagan music itself cannot be pinned down to one particular style. For us the unifying aspect lies in certain patterns of thought and being inspired by cycles and symbols of Nature, history and myths present in the musician's and artist's lyrics and concept. This might be a quite subjective matter but rest assured that all the musicians interviewed are in one way or another whole-heartedly and continually devoted to their art, music, concept and conscience.